How often are reports published?

All reports are published once per year in late April to early June. What makes this the single most important question that anyone could and should ask is the answer that underlies the answer. Every tour operator has a period of time during which it contracts all of its vendors to create its line of travel products for the next year. This annual production cycle provides a window of opportunity for vendors seeking new revenue from the Tour & Travel markets. When this cycle begins depends on where the tour operator is located since each country has its own peak travel seasons. The timing of the cycle is also dependent on what market segment the tour operator specializes in. So regardless of when you purchase the report chances are very high that you will always find tour operators that are in their production cycle for the next year, and this is particularly true since the advent of the internet which has made nearly anytime a good time for a tour operator to add a new city or hotel into its yearly lineup of destinations.

Because we are always finding tour operators new to our reports, and because most tour operators are always adding new travel products or changing existing products, you should purchase your report each year, and because our reports are so affordably priced you really cannot afford NOT to purchase it each year because you really don’t want to miss any opportunity of contracting with a new FIT or Group tour operator.

Is TourTrackerPro® Reports a subscription?

No. It is an annual fee-based publication so the cost of your purchase is your only cost for the year.

How do you get your data for the reports?

All of the data in the current year reports comes directly from each tour operator’s current year hard-copy brochure or website. We begin each new year with blank or empty template files that we fill with the current year’s information.

Why do the reports not include operators from Oriental or Latin American countries?

In Oriental languages words are made up with characters unlike any in the English language; whereas a hotel’s name in French or German still looks the same as it does in English, this is not true with Oriental languages, and the time & expense required for translation is just not cost-effective.

The Latin tour operators, in most cases, release their current year’s programs just too late for us to include into our current year reports. If we were to wait for these programs to be complete it would seriously delay publication of our reports and that is something we cannot do.